unique textile design

Dancing Nun started out as a birthday celebration in London in 2005. When visiting a fashion exhibition on Brick Lane a strange, but rather interesting, sweater appeared. It was a knitwear with nuns on the front: “Look! Dancing nuns!” And Dancing Nun was a fact.

It has soon been five years since we decided to share a studio; to get  threads and dust out of our homes and into a working space. Since then the studio has moved at least twice and finally we have built a studio each in our homes, to be closer to our families.

However, we more than ever share our ideas and constantly work on bringing a single soul to Dancing Nun.

Dancing Nun could be anything, depending on what ideas that pop into our heads, but it seems as if we are moving in the circle of accessories; corsets, hats, bags, etc. On occassion larger pieces of clothes find their way into our collections.